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Milestone Inc. is the brainchild of Benu Aggarwal, a veteran in the hospitality industry with extensive experience as a director of sales, general manager and sales and marketing educator for the lodging industry. Back in 1998, when the Internet sector was at its peak, she realized that the hospitality industry did very little to harness this power for business development. With her vast experience in hospitality management and armed with her MBA in Marketing, a GMP Certification in Hotel Management, and extensive knowledge in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Benu decided that this was an area she could help hotels exploit. Initially, the company began as a home-based business where Benu worked as a consultant. By 2005, the company became a full-fledged services company with the addition of her husband, Anil Aggarwal.
"I had just sold my startup, Zeevo, a wireless connectivity solution provider to Broadcom. One evening when I returned home after work, I saw that Benu was having a meeting with 20 executives and potential clients of hers. For every dollar they spent, Benu was delivering an ROI of $47. It was then I realized that there was a lot of potential in what she was doing and decided to join her," says Anil.
Since 2008, the company has grown at a rate 20-30 percent year over year. During the recent economic recession Milestone did not let go of any employees. Instead, the team grasped the challenge and continued to successfully serve clients on extremely low budgets.
Milestone Inc. Culture & Mission "Since direct online marketing options were expensive, we thought of creative ways to promote our clients via conferences, sponsorships, deals and more. In fact, we tapped into the social media platform before people realized its potential," explains Benu.
Today, the Milestone team has grown from a couple of freelancers to over 140 employees in both US and India with dedicated teams working on sales, content developments, SEO, and more. Today, Milestone offers more than just SEO to clients. The company's product and service offerings now include a content management system, SaaS based solutions, and more. One of Milestone's core values is to continue learning and to make sure we offer our employees the opportunity to further their development through trainings, classes, conferences and more. Milestone stays ahead of the innovation curve by investing heavily in educating and enhancing the skill sets of our employees.